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Rivindi Artha Mandiri Appointed as Authorized Dealer for Parker Racor and Baldwin Filters

June 4, 2024Category : Company Event
Rivindi Artha Mandiri Appointed as Authorized Dealer for Parker Racor and Baldwin Filters

We are pleased to announce that Rivindi Artha Mandiri has been appointed as the exclusive authorized dealer for Parker Racor and Baldwin filters in Indonesia. This partnership allows us to provide our customers with access to these industry-leading filtration solutions.

As the only authorized dealer for these prestigious brands, Rivindi Artha Mandiri is uniquely positioned to serve the needs of customers throughout Indonesia. Both Parker Racor and Baldwin are known for their exceptional quality, performance, and reliability, making them the preferred choice for a wide range of industries.

Our team has undergone extensive training to ensure we can provide expert guidance and support to customers seeking Parker Racor or Baldwin filters. We are committed to delivering a seamless experience, from product selection to installation and aftercare.

This appointment reinforces the trust that Parker and Baldwin have placed in Rivindi Artha Mandiri to develop the market and meet the growing demand for their filtration solutions in Indonesia. We are excited to leverage our expertise and resources to offer customers a comprehensive range of products and services to address their specific needs.

Baldwin Filters

Protect your engines and equipment with the industry’s most trusted filtration solutions.

Baldwin Filters, a brand of Parker Engine Mobile Aftermarket Division (EMAM), is a global leader in filtration products and services. With a mission to safeguard our customers’ engines and mobile equipment, we offer innovative filtration solutions and outstanding customer service from the first to the last use. Our superb product quality, extensive distribution network, and the industry’s broadest product line ensure that you have a single, streamlined source for all your engine and mobile filtration needs.

By partnering with Baldwin Filters, you can trust that your critical equipment and investments are protected by the most reliable and high-performing filtration technologies. Our reputation for excellence and customer-centric approach have made us the preferred choice for businesses across diverse industries seeking unparalleled filtration solutions.

Discover how Baldwin Filters can help you optimize the performance and longevity of your engines and mobile equipment. Contact us today to learn more about our comprehensive filtration portfolio and customized solutions.

Parker Racor

Protect your vital equipment with the industry-leading filtration solutions from Parker Racor.

As a division of the renowned Parker Hannifin Corporation, Parker Racor specializes in cutting-edge filtration and separation products for the transportation, marine, and industrial markets. Their wide range of fuel filters, air filters, oil filters, and water separators are engineered with a relentless pursuit of excellence, ensuring the highest levels of performance and reliability.

Racor’s Aquabloc® filters have set the global standard, showcasing the division’s commitment to continuous innovation and leading-edge technology. These genuine, top-of-the-line filtration solutions are designed to safeguard your critical investments, empowering businesses and individuals alike to drive progress and secure the future.

Experience the transformative power of Parker Racor’s filtration expertise. Protect your vital equipment and take your operations to new heights of efficiency and reliability.

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